Way to healthier and cleaner lungs naturally….

Masses in the  metrolpolitan cities in India have forgotten what fresh air feels like .We are trapped by harmful and toxic substances in the environment that are affecting our lungs adversely. Exposure to high pollution levels in the air can cause irritations in the throat, breathlessness and coughing. Long term exposure to bad air caused by smoke emissions from factories ,vehicles ,crop burning and during Diwali celebrations can severely contribute to lung cancer ,adverse asthmatic condition and COPD.

Statistics validates that people who smoke cigarettes or bidi’s have worse lung condition compared to nonsmokers due to Tar accumulation in the lungs causing congestion in the bronciis. Smokers usually have weaker lungs and this condition translates into feeling breathless while walking fast, developing chronic smokers cough or even  lung cancer in case of prolonged consumption.

How does one keep the lungs healthy?

Well, there are some natural remedies that can be a part of your daily routine to build up better immunity and resistance to fight lung disorders. Some of them being….

1) Boil a piece of ginger in 2 glasses of water and add tulsi leaves till the quantity of water reduces to half. When it is luke warm ,add lemon juice and  a table spoon of honey to the mixture. Have this drink every morning empty stomach .This drink is both a remedy as well as a preventive solution to lung ailments.

2) Thyme juice is a good remedy for unhealthy lungs.

3) Hot milk with turmeric ,black pepper and honey have antibacterial properties and helps in eliminating mucus.

4) Deep breathing exercises(Pranayaam) can be a great tool for better oxygenation and functioning of lungs.


Tar-Nil syrup by Amishi Naturals which is available on online stores is a great herbal support for lungs The syrup  de-congests the bronchi and eliminates Tar from the lungs. It is an extremely effective remedy for smokers cough, chronic cough, bronchitis and asthma and highly effective in preventing and reversing lung damage.


Smokers are advised to quit smoking or at least reduce the frequency and till then consume Tar-Nil syrup to minimize the damage already done to the lungs.