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Smriti Ras


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This modern lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea and can lead to mental stress, anxiety, insomnia and lack of concentration. This is something that needs to be actively addressed for one to have a fulfilling personal as well as professional life. Smritiras from Amishi Naturals is a product that helps provide relief from these problems, that are both physical and mental in nature, and therefore helps the consumer to live a better and a more peaceful life. It has a combination of twelve herbs including Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha, and Mandukaparni, to name a few, which are well known for their potent stress-relieving properties.



Q. Do I need a prescription to buy Smriti Ras?

No, You don't need a prescription to consume Smriti Ras..

Q. What are the possible side effects of Amishi Zyme?

The herbal composition is 100% safe for consumption.

Q. In how many days will I see the result?

You can see the result within the first month of consumption.

Q. Do I need to buy again and again?

An ideal course of Smrriti Ras if for 3 months.

Q. What is the dosage for Smriti Ras?

One Capsule twice a day with milk.




Shankhpushpi 75mg

Mandukparni 50mg

Jatamansi 30mg

Vacha 30mg

Ashwagandha 50mg

Gajvan 50mg

Amla 50mg

Dhania 20mg

Yashti madhu 20mg

Malkagni 10mg

Tulsi  10mg

Powder piplamul 30 mg

Mukta shukta pishti 20mg

Kaharva pishti  5mg

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