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Terms of use

Applicable Terms and Conditions

This website is owned by Amishi Natural and the use of this website can be done only in accordance to these terms and conditions. Amishi Naturals reserves the sole right to change or update these terms and conditions any time.


Use of the Website

Anyone can see the free content of the website and use the information therein, subject to following conditions:

  1. It can be used only for personal use and not for the production of any other website or for any commercial purpose.
  2. The creation of any links to the website requires to be notified to Amishi Naturals for its prior approval.
  3. The copy, storage and transmission of any part of the website require the prior written approval of Amishi Naturals.


Copyright and Trademarks

  1. The materials contained herein are the copyright of Amishi Naturals. Reproducing, storing, modifying, distributing, republishing or using the materials in any other unauthorised way without the prior written approval of Amishi Naturals is strictly prohibited.
  2. The names, logos, design marks, slogans and any other trademarks of Amishi Naturals cannot be used without obtaining the prior written approval of Amishi Naturals.
  3. All the materials in the form of database are subject to database rights.



The intent of the website is to provide general information only and, as such, should not be taken in, any way, information covering any specialised topic.  Thus, before taking any action or refraining from any action in relation to the information in the website, the users should take expert advice. In accordance to the application of law, Amishi Naturals does not hold any responsibility to any individual in relation to the use of such information.

Whilst Amishi Naturals has taken all possible care is creating this site, neither it nor any of the other contributor to the site can be held liable for any action or the lack thereof taken by any individual, institution or organisation wherever they are based, as a consequence, direct or indirect, on information contained in or accessed through this site.


Limitations of liability

All condition and warranties in association with the materials and any goods and services supplied in relation to the website; whether express, implied or statutory; are hereby disclaimed by Amishi Naturals. Under no circumstance can Amishi Naturals be held responsible for any indirect punishment; damages of special, incidental or consequential nature whatsoever; even if Amishi Naturals has been advised of the probability of the damage.



Although Amishi Naturals has taken all possible care to produce a virus free website, it cannot guarantee the exclusion of virus and, hence, cannot be held responsible for damage caused due to virus while downloading the website. Thus, it is recommended to take all probable safeguards while downloading the website.


On-line Transactions

Amishi Naturals reserves the sole right to change the fees of event registration and the prices of listed goods and services without any prior notice. The sale of goods and services and all registrations depend upon availability and Amishi naturals reserve sole right to refuse the event registration and the sale of goods and services to any individual or group.



Although for online payment the website uses encryption security software, there is no assurance of security of information and payment made through internet. The liability of loss in the event of any online transaction shall be entirely borne by the user and under no circumstance Amishi Naturals or its agents will bear any such responsibility.


Force Majeure

Amishi Naturals shall neither be held responsible for the violation of any of its obligations hereunder and nor will it be responsible to the user for any loss caused due to any natural or man-made reasons beyond its control including flood, storm, fire, disease, lightning, strike, terrorism, laws and actions of government, regulatory authorities and communication operators, etc.



  1. If any of the terms and conditions of these provisions is held null, this won’t affect the validity of other terms and conditions.
  2. The entire agreement between Amishi Naturals and the users are based on these terms and conditions and all the prior terms and conditions, made in any form, are superseded by these terms and conditions.
  3. The failure of Amishi Naturals to enforce any rights under these terms and condition shall not deem to mean the waiver of such rights so as to stop the future enforcement of such rights.



The Indian laws shall govern the terms and conditions and the use of website by the users and any dispute related to the use of website shall be settled in the Indian courts.